Algeness® will be launched in the portuguese market by Medbeat!

Medbeat has closed an agreement for launching Algeness® in the Portuguese market. Product is already under the registration phase with the Portuguese MoH, and launch will happen second quarter 2021.

Algeness® is the culmination of 10 years of scientific and clinical research to find the most natural, biocompatible material to fill wrinkles and compensate for volume loss in facial soft tissues.

Extensive research has been conducted to master the correlation of the agarose structure and the physiological response; in fact, utilizing different concentrations of agarose, it was possible to obtain various three-dimensional structures that interacted differently with the vital and functional parameters of the cell.

The new benchmark for subdermal fillers

Algeness® is a biomaterial resulting from a sophisticated manufacturing process consisting of a purified agarose gel (polysaccharide), derived from the purification of Agar-Agar processed from red algae.

Totally biocompatible to the human body and absorbable

Algeness®, does not contain cross-linked synthetic chemicals (BBDE or PEG) associated with Hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers and thus is 100% natural.

The molecular and biophysical properties of Algeness® make it a breakthrough in the filler’s injection technology. For the first time in aesthetic medicine history, a 100% natural, biodegradable and mouldable filler is available to the aesthetic market for a more defined youthful look.

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